May 23

How to Handle Unhappy Clients

reA client that is unhappy can result in damage of your brand reputation if you do not take proper steps to resolve their issue and give them the needed care. Just making a mistake and simply apologizing for the mistake might not resolve the issue and businesses will have to do much more than that. But it is not bad to have an unhappy client as customers that are unhappy are considered to be the biggest source of learning as far as brands are concerned. Unhappy customers can not only lead to financial losses for the company, but also future business prospects as well. It is always desirable to handle the client requirements in a purely professional manner.

Listen to your Customers

Let your customers express their unhappiness over your brand and the products or services you are offering. Once they say everything they wanted to about your brand, you will have to calmly respond to them with a reassuring response. It is always better to listen carefully and act professionally when it comes to dealing with customers.

Think from their perspective

It is among the best

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May 23

4 Factors to Consider While Choosing Courier Companies

sxDo you need to send documents or ship items for your trade regularly? If this is the reason, then you must make a proper research of the service options that the courier companies provide in current days. Almost all the businesses mainly use reputed services of parcel delivery that charges heavy rates. However, if you want to assure safe and timely delivery, you must always choose a service according to the delivery needs that you have. The courier companies, these days, generally come with varied services. But always consider choosing a company that offers multiple delivery options at pocket-friendly rates. Here are some specific ideas for you to keep in mind before hiring a delivery or courier service for the trade:

1. Type of Delivery Service

Being an entrepreneur, you must select the kind of service that efficiently meets the shipping needs that you have. However, this majorly depends on the volume and the count of packages. Besides, you must consider the distance and choose a service on the basis of how far and where you are transferring the parcels. If a person is shipping

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May 22

Managing a Remote Customer Service Team

45If someone is looking to hire customer service online, there is a myriad of freelancing websites available to locate good, quality workers. Running a remote customer service team can be quite profitable but also challenging. It is extremely important to do it the right way. Below are some tips and suggestions.

A business venture such as this is without a doubt the way to go in the ever-growing world of internet outsourcing. Your customer service representatives can be located around the world, all working from the convenience of their own home, while you have the luxury of doing the same and earning profit from your business. Remote work is on the rise, and now is the time to take advantage.


First you will need to hire customer service employees. Because a remote worker is not “seen” by you while they are working, as they would be in an office setting, you want to look for certain traits in deciding if the potential employee will be successful working in an at-home setting.

• A key trait is that the individual has worked remotely before, full time. These

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May 7

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Favor Boxes

56For weddings, Christmas celebrations, Baby showers, birthday party, or any other important celebration, the use of favor boxes is very important. If you have a business, it will also be nice to give gifts to some of your loyal customers in unique favor packaging. Below are 10 reasons why you should invest in boxes, if you are thinking of appreciating your customers or guests with some gift items.

1. Increase the worth of your gift

The quality or type of gifts to present to your guests will only matter if you don’t conceal them in quality favor printing. This is why favor boxes are very important. No matter the quality of the gifts present to your guests or customers, favor packaging will enhance the value of that gift. Some guests might even continue to make use of these boxes in their homes after using the gifts. This is because of the durability and attractive designs of the boxes.

2. Show deeper appreciation

Another way of saying “thank you” to your guests or customers is by presenting them with gifts. In addition, when you wrap your gifts with

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April 19

Is a Customer Service Job Right for You

8If you have a strong desire to own or to work in a service centered company or industry, I’d like to be the first to tell you that I think you’re totally out of your mind. Why would any sane person want to deal with crying, whining, complaining customers all day, or for an entire career? On the other hand, if you have a strong desire to own or work in a service centered company or industry; I’d also like to be the first to tell you that it can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers of a lifetime. Why? If you have the required skills and the right personality, dealing with crying, whining, complaining customers all day can be quite gratifying.

As I’ve travelled around our country presenting my corporate training programs, I’ve been very lucky and privileged to meet some of the most talented and highest paid customer service reps in the industry. I have found them to be motivated, enthusiastic, personable, witty, and conscientious. They also have very high levels of productivity and most of the time they

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March 29

Features Your Online Booking System Needs

c4One of the most commonly used systems now available is the online booking system, which can allow customers to book appointments, travel tickets, classes, accommodation and much more, simply via an online tool provided by the business offering their specific services. These systems are often customisable, meaning that each business can invest in a system that suits them best.

Included into these systems are generally a range of features which can be added or taken away to make sure that customers using the service get the most out of the experience. Furthermore, there are features that are designed specifically to help businesses employing this system to make more sales, gather analytical data and offer promotional deals to customers.

One of the best features that an online booking system can have is the opportunity to take bookings on all kinds of devices, ranging from smartphones right through to laptops. There may also be the opportunity to make third party bookings via third party agents to offer a complete booking experience to customers.

This is extremely valuable as it means that the customer can choose the option that

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March 25

Strategies for Strengthening Customer Relationships

sfgIn a global world in which competition is often only a computer mouse click away, service providers must constantly work to create and maintain positive customer relationships. One way to do this is striving to create a partnership with each customer by showing that you are working in their best interests and aim to meet their needs, wants and expectations. Customers who feel that they have an active role and power in a customer-provider interaction often feel more important and valued. Your efforts to improve interpersonal communication and deliver the best possible customer service can help create this situation. They can also lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention and reduced stress for you and your co-workers.

Take advantage of the following strategies to build stronger relationships with your internal and external customers.

Gather Information

Ask for customer comments when possible. By knowing more about their needs, wants and expectations, you will be better able to offer services and products that satisfy them. Use a variety of strategies to gather information from customers.

Be Consistent

People tend to like what is familiar. If customers come

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March 19

Call-Backs Providing Concrete ROI for Call Center in Outbound Telemarketing

f5The best way for a call center to shine from the outbound telemarketing rivalry is by supplying an ‘outstanding customer experience’ – we all know this, right? And yet, in the event you ask consumers what can tarnish the call center experience for them, hold time is frequently at the top of their list.

Hold time is the amount of time that you put your client on hold. It may be irritating – especially in outbound telemarketing when the usual method is making a cold call. Clients don’t want to waste their time, unless they are specifically interested in a product or service. On the other hand, that is the challenge telemarketers usually face – converting a cold call to a warm lead. It takes competitive skillset to be able to get a call recipient to be interested in the product/service you are presenting.

Moreover, it’s hard to supply a great experience to callers especially in the field of outbound telemarketing after they’ve been put on hold. Most will lose patience quickly, resulting in either an angry caller or – worse – a deserted call. Either

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March 18

Can Previous Customer Feedback Really Help Your Future Business? Yes It Can

r5It has always been a good idea to obtain feedback from your clients. It tells you what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and what your clients would like to see from you going forward. But have you thought about using that feedback as a marketing tool for your future business?

Now, there are multiple ways for feedback to be collected and they each have advantages and they each have disadvantages. Some feedback collection methods include:

· Written surveys with multiple choice

· Phone interviews

· One-on-one interviews by an unbiased person

· Written testimonials

· Video testimonials right after the experience

· Third party referral services

The feedback you obtain may be posted on your company’s website (see mine for example) or on your social media pages like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. However, the majority of these methods can take a customer’s time to capitulate. So there are more people that don’t do them or they are very inaccurate and vague in their responses.

There is one speaker whose programs are about an hour to two hours long, so having an attendee complete a lengthy feedback form may not

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March 12

Tips On How to Improve Customer Experience in the Support Industry

23Customer experience refers to how a customer interacts with your company and its products and services. If you are in the support industry, just like any other industry you need to ensure that your customers to have a great experience. To help you out, here are some of the ways of ensuring that your customers have a great experience:

Offer stellar mobile support

We can all agree that of all the modern technology, mobile technology has received the highest uptake where it’s estimated that over 91% of all adults have mobile phones. Studies show that over 60% of people use their mobile phones to search for customer and product support. To ensure that people searching for support information get the service that they are looking for, make your website responsive to mobile phones.

Regularly update self-service resources

Self-service resources are resources that customers use by themselves to find what they are looking for. The most popular resources are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). To keep your customers happy regularly update the FAQs with fresh, correct information. In addition to this, regularly answer the questions that most of the

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March 12

Integrate a Feature-Rich CRM and Keep Your Processes Streamlined

sdThere was a time when physical presence was important to run and conduct a business. With neither the internet nor the cloud around to help, it was quite expensive for businesses to set up an infrastructure and start their day-to-day operations. Any possibility of running and managing a business from any part of the globe was not on the horizon which means, a heavy-duty investment was needed to get a business going in true sense. This was the time when the world was still a few years away from the boom yet new web technologies were making some buzz for sure.

All that changed in the early 90’s when the cloud became popular making it extremely easy for businesses to run and manage themselves without facing any limitations of either distance or geography. Since then, one after another Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools has entered the marketplace to simplify operations and benefit businesses. In a way, the industry has got a timely boost of the enterprise software to take a big stride forward. This is how it became extremely easy to automate and

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March 8

Automate and Streamline Your Business Processes With a Top CRM Tool

drNo business can grow and reach success without automating and streamlining their processes. This is where the need of a CRM tool is felt as it brings the features and functionalities of managing all information in a single place. The tool is designed in a way to let businesses leverage the best of cloud, mobile and social together and grow their base. In a way, it helps in streamlining of processes and systems within an organization by storing all data – related to customers and associates – in a centralized manner. In that, businesses get a 360 degree view of their customers and also get to know their tastes and preferences.

A feature-rich and cloud-based CRM tool serves many purposes along the way and impacts variety of processes and systems within an organization. It helps sales teams get more leads and close more deals; it lets marketing teams to manage campaigns in a successful manner and keep a track of lead generation. In addition, it positively impacts customer servicing by reducing the response time and by helping businesses solve complaints in quick time. The

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February 19

The Superpowers of Outbound Telemarketing

ftContrary to inbound calls which only focus on inviting the already-interested population, outbound telemarketing goes out of its method to achieve a far bigger ‘ocean of possible clientele’. It has the marketing ability of a ‘Superman’, the flexibility of a ‘Black Widow’, and the resourceful ability of a ‘Batman’. Aside from lead generation, outbound calling can also be used for appointment setting, call to invite campaigns (Webinar/WebEx) and data profiling solutions.

An outbound call is one that is initiated from a call center agent on account of a call center or a client. It is a type of direct marketing wherein a specified crew approaches would-be customers and feature products or services over the phone or through web conferencing. Calls can also be implemented for many functions – surveys, data profiling and so much more.

Here are the superpowers of outbound telemarketing:

On Lead Generation: Outbound calling does have its perks – and it comes with getting to a wider population. According to Small Business Chronicle, ‘the main function of outbound marketing (outbound telemarketing included) is to draw in customers and make them conscious of a

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February 17

Hong Kong’s Most Renowned Tailor

cttMy girlfriend Renee is a travel addict who goes on four international trips a year, and she really wanted to travel to Asia for the first time. After much research, we decided Hong Kong would be a great first trip to Asia. Once the tickets were booked, I bought a Fodor’s travel guide and was delighted to discover that getting a custom or bespoke suit is a popular activity in Hong Kong, and some of the world’s best tailors are based there.

Much internet research and the travel guide made it clear that Sam’s Tailor is the place to go for the best combination of quality and price. His list of customers include several US Presidents, European Royalty, many Hollywood actors, and even the late Michael Jackson. I was intimidated but according to everything I read the suits are surprisingly affordable, and the owners and their staff are pretty approachable. I had pretty much assumed that I would feel like a commoner among VIPs but I figured it was worth it to get a truly world-class bespoke suit custom-made to my not-so-svelte physique. In

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February 15

Staying on Top With Lead Generation Services and Outbound Telemarketing

crA lead generation service by means of outbound telemarketing is a significant factor in building success. The service includes taking time and energy to feature great systems and solutions to possible purchasers. For example, lead generation providers help enhance brand knowledge. When it comes to this, it means sending the content out to potential end users via social media, telemarketing, emailing, and so on. As the offsite firm gets the sales communication out efficiently and starts to gain clients, the next step is to further boost brand awareness through recognition.

This type of service uses numerous sources to create better gains. Some of these effective approaches, such as in outbound telemarketing, are done by way of automated media such as print media and social media. It is also significant for BPO agents that, whatever sources are used in creating leads, they make sure to do follow-up calls on the leads, and perform precise evaluation out of those methods.

To bring in more and more leads, the outsourcing agents make sure to generate a favorable perception on the prospective clients. This positive perception is gained by rendering

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February 12

Perception Is Fact!

i9As business owners we can tend to fall into a big trap when we assume our customers will accept our word that our service is excellent and better than every body else’s.

This is something that is wrong and it is something that needs to be understood.

You see just because you say it doesn’t mean I (as the customer) will believe it. I need to try it out before I will take your word for it.

Why? Simple, because I along with every other customer or consumer out there have been feed the whole “we look after our customers” line so many times that we just don’t believe it any more.

What a lot of businesses do is they make the mistake in assuming that they can change someone’s perception by using fancy marketing ploys.

You see my perception of your service and your business will become fact in my head. If you say you care about me in your advertising and I then experience the opposite, then all of that money spent on attracting me to your business has gone down the drain.

This is why it

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January 27

A Real-Life Example of Rubbish Customer Service

chI went to my brother’s gym yesterday on a guest pass.

We were in there for just under two hours, doing weights and cardio.

Anyway, there’s an Asda next right next door. And afterwards, we were hungry. So in we went and did a bit of post-gym shopping. Though, of course, amongst the chicken and veg, there was plenty of beer and ice cream in our baskets. A man’s gotta live a little, after all!

But just as we were paying, a thought hit me: Was there a time limit on how long you could park there? I mean, by now, we’d been parked for around 2 and a half hours. So I asked the woman serving us.

She said, “Yeah, I think there is a limit. But it’s something like 4 hours so you’ll be fine.” Phew.

But on our way out, we passed another guy who worked there. So I thought I’d double check with him. Just because the woman wasn’t entirely convincing.

Anyway, this guy looked at me a little quizically when I asked him, then said: “Yeah, think it’s 2 hours.”

Damn. I’d been longer than

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January 16

Provide the Best Quality Service or Business That You Desire to See or Receive – Always Do Your Best

dgSurmise each life-given situation, as an opportunity, that can be seen as a resolute invitation to resolve and devise a higher paradigm for the propitiation of ineptness and weakness has already been paid in full. Most everyone knows what they want and how they want to be treated. We have all learned that being rude is useless and have all moved on to behave respectfully to everyone that we deal with in our daily lives. I am sure that most everyone is well-versed in etiquette and ready to excel when we buy, shop or sell both as customers, and as vendors. Almost everyone is born with the ability to learn how to sell, serve, buy and understand the concept of a good customer service experience. Realize that everyone’s time is important, and that includes yours and mine!

If somebody at the cash register, on the telephone line, or in any given service situation is acting offensively or taking too long to recognize us as customers, they lose our business, they lose our trust and our respect as well.

Disillusion procrastination: judiciously utilize your time with

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January 15

Improving The Customer Experience With Neuroscience

34Though your customer experience will involve different steps, depending on the nature of the transaction, one thing remains true whatever your industry: customers are increasingly demanding simplicity and ‘flow’ in the experience of interacting with you.

The concept that the customer expects a good buying experience is, of course, nothing new, but the demand for ‘ease of use’ and ‘simplicity’ to get them from A to B has never been greater; with more sophisticated ways of measuring behaviour through neuroscience, more light is being shed on this topic.

The importance of ‘flow’

Back in 1998, psychology researcher Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi wrote that people who perform seamless, sequence-based activities regularly are happier than those who do not. He described this behaviour as ‘flow’.

This was very prescient when we consider how the average person in western societies now purchases products and services.

For products and services we are not familiar with, we will go online (likely on a mobile device), research providers for our need, and then look for social proof; we will then check out a few websites and expect a seamless buying experience. This includes easy identification of

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January 1

How Instant Gratification Affects the Service Providers You Use

dsInstant Gratification is a product of this new world we live in when we hold everything in the palms of our hands. Need an Indian Headdress? Jump on and in a couple of clicks, 2 days of shipping – bam! Want to know how much money Kim Kardashian makes per tweet? Simple! Do a Google search and the answer is there within 45 seconds. Your dog needs a grooming appointment? Call the groomer… … “Your first available is in 3 weeks???” Oh boy.

The service industry is having a huge problem right now when it comes to scheduling appointments and the needs and desires of its clientele. Too often, clients cannot break away from the mindset of instant gratification – dog needs haircut, I’m free right now, groomer takes dog. This is not likely. Frustration from both parties abound as the capabilities of the service provider are different than the needs of those demanding the service.

The Service Industry

Services are typically by appointments. Doctors, hairdressers, mechanics and groomers all fall into this category. It is easy to understand why a doctor schedules appointments 3

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