March 29

Features Your Online Booking System Needs

c4One of the most commonly used systems now available is the online booking system, which can allow customers to book appointments, travel tickets, classes, accommodation and much more, simply via an online tool provided by the business offering their specific services. These systems are often customisable, meaning that each business can invest in a system that suits them best.

Included into these systems are generally a range of features which can be added or taken away to make sure that customers using the service get the most out of the experience. Furthermore, there are features that are designed specifically to help businesses employing this system to make more sales, gather analytical data and offer promotional deals to customers.

One of the best features that an online booking system can have is the opportunity to take bookings on all kinds of devices, ranging from smartphones right through to laptops. There may also be the opportunity to make third party bookings via third party agents to offer a complete booking experience to customers.

This is extremely valuable as it means that the customer can choose the option that is best suited to them. With online booking on different devices or by telephone, this is the final in convenience, which is likely to make booking with a particular company or service far more attractive and easy to use for potential customers.

In addition to providing a range of booking or ordering options, another aspect which can be extremely beneficial is offering many payment options, from PayPal and credit cards through to Stripe payments or voucher redemption. The latter is particularly useful for companies who offer number money-off promotional deals on their products and services.

Another great feature for those who are looking to sell online is the option to up sell via their online booking system, such as by offering a discount if customers reserve an extra night in a hotel or book a longer health and fitness personal training session at a gym. These valuable pricing options can mean that there is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to sales.

Another feature that is essential when a business invests in an online booking system is the option to customise the connection and the booking forms as much as possible. This includes the possibility for branding opportunities, customisable checkout questions, and customisable reminders for customers about the bookings that they have made.

This customisation is important as it allows the company to really communicate their brand message to clients. This also allows them to tailor their communication to make a bigger impact on clients, encouraging more sales, more satisfied customers and an unparalleled customer experience.

Finally, an online booking system should not come without support for the company that will be using it. This means making sure that there are online tutorials and videos available instructing businesses how to set up their system and use it the way they want. Furthermore, there should also be telephone and email support provided for when businesses run into any issues.

This support will basically make sure that everything runs smoothly, and that any concerns are addressed as soon as they crop up. This means that not only are customers happy, but the businesses that are using the online booking system are completely satisfied too, and are able to make the most of the tools that they have invested in.

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March 25

Strategies for Strengthening Customer Relationships

sfgIn a global world in which competition is often only a computer mouse click away, service providers must constantly work to create and maintain positive customer relationships. One way to do this is striving to create a partnership with each customer by showing that you are working in their best interests and aim to meet their needs, wants and expectations. Customers who feel that they have an active role and power in a customer-provider interaction often feel more important and valued. Your efforts to improve interpersonal communication and deliver the best possible customer service can help create this situation. They can also lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention and reduced stress for you and your co-workers.

Take advantage of the following strategies to build stronger relationships with your internal and external customers.

Gather Information

Ask for customer comments when possible. By knowing more about their needs, wants and expectations, you will be better able to offer services and products that satisfy them. Use a variety of strategies to gather information from customers.

Be Consistent

People tend to like what is familiar. If customers come to know that they can depend on you and your organization to regularly give timely, factual information, they will likely be more loyal. Provide information and updates to customers on a regular basis, not just when it is convenient to you. This is especially true when you are working on a problem or service breakdown. Remember that they do now know what you know. For example, if you are gathering information or need more time than expected, come back to the customer with periodic updates to give them a status check.

Demonstrate Openness

Customers often want to see that service providers understand them on a personal level. The worst thing you can do as a service provider is to hide behind policy or deflect responsibility when dealing with a customer issue or question. Think of how you likely react when a service provider says something like, “I can’t do that because our policy says… ” You probably feel the hairs rise on the back of your neck and become agitated. Your customers are no different. When interacting with them, take the time to put yourself in their place before saying something or taking an action that might create an adversarial situation.

Be Personable

Service providers are “all business” or robotic in their service delivery often fail to get high marks from customers. Even if you are knowledgeable, efficient and follow all the rules in delivering service, you could end up with a customer who is dissatisfied if you do not demonstrate some degree of humanness. That means connecting on a personal level, actively listening, and showing compassion and concern for your customer and their emotional needs. For example, if someone tells you during an interaction that they are celebrating a special event take the time to explore the topic briefly or relate a personal example. If it their child’s birthday, you might turn you attention to the child, wish an enthusiastic “Happy Birthday,” and ask him or her how old they are or what they hope to get for their birthday. Depending on the type of business you are in, you might even offer a small present (e.g. a free dessert, a piece of candy, a toy, coupon for a discount on their next visit, or whatever might be appropriate). At the least, upon concluding the transaction, wish them well or congratulate them one more time.

Excellent customer service is about taking time to consider the customer, how they feel, and what they need, want and expect from a customer-provider interaction. Make sure that you empathize and imagine how you would feel in their shoes during each interaction. Then, act accordingly.

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March 19

Call-Backs Providing Concrete ROI for Call Center in Outbound Telemarketing

f5The best way for a call center to shine from the outbound telemarketing rivalry is by supplying an ‘outstanding customer experience’ – we all know this, right? And yet, in the event you ask consumers what can tarnish the call center experience for them, hold time is frequently at the top of their list.

Hold time is the amount of time that you put your client on hold. It may be irritating – especially in outbound telemarketing when the usual method is making a cold call. Clients don’t want to waste their time, unless they are specifically interested in a product or service. On the other hand, that is the challenge telemarketers usually face – converting a cold call to a warm lead. It takes competitive skillset to be able to get a call recipient to be interested in the product/service you are presenting.

Moreover, it’s hard to supply a great experience to callers especially in the field of outbound telemarketing after they’ve been put on hold. Most will lose patience quickly, resulting in either an angry caller or – worse – a deserted call. Either way, the effect is a terrible customer experience, something no corporation can afford to take gently.

On the other hand, facing angry/irritated customers is inevitable – although it is preventable. However it also takes skill to be able to handle the situation with ease – being able to maintain the conversation and to end the discourse in the nicest way possible.

Doing away with the frustration associated with long hold time directly ends up with happier callers and a more financially rewarding customer experience. What’s even better, when utilized correctly, call-backs can present concrete ROI!

On iBeacon: They can’t find the money for to invest capital on risky investment strategies.

Because retailers frequently have constrained finances, most are resistant to invest in technological innovations which have yet to confirm their worth. While companies comprehend the overall primary advantages of iBeacon implementation, few have the monetary methods to risk on something that’s not necessarily put into practice. Retailers rarely shell out in the technology itself, as their essential issue lies with the overall customer experience. They don’t have time (or money) to squander on dicey innovations which may or may not surge in the long run. Thus, until iBeacon sets out to gather interest on both sides of the experience formula, brands will probably steer clear of focusing resources to this developing technology especially in the field of outbound telemarketing.

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March 18

Can Previous Customer Feedback Really Help Your Future Business? Yes It Can

r5It has always been a good idea to obtain feedback from your clients. It tells you what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and what your clients would like to see from you going forward. But have you thought about using that feedback as a marketing tool for your future business?

Now, there are multiple ways for feedback to be collected and they each have advantages and they each have disadvantages. Some feedback collection methods include:

· Written surveys with multiple choice

· Phone interviews

· One-on-one interviews by an unbiased person

· Written testimonials

· Video testimonials right after the experience

· Third party referral services

The feedback you obtain may be posted on your company’s website (see mine for example) or on your social media pages like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. However, the majority of these methods can take a customer’s time to capitulate. So there are more people that don’t do them or they are very inaccurate and vague in their responses.

There is one speaker whose programs are about an hour to two hours long, so having an attendee complete a lengthy feedback form may not be acceptable or successful. So he asks the attendees to write one word on the back of their business card what they thought of his presentation. He also has blank paper to hand out for those who don’t carry a business card with them.

Then the attendees are asked to put the card or piece of paper in a bowl on their way out the door. He has found that there is a higher rate of response doing it this way and even though it isn’t detailed, it does provide him some information. This same feedback process can be used in restaurants, stores, or any business that provides products or a service.

While this is a great method that this speaker has created and gets the job done, I recommend taking it one step further. Use those business cards for a point of contact and follow up with the person in a week or so! Make sure you have them on your mailing list, electronic and postal, and send them special announcements.

These days, there are online surveys from every restaurant and store asking for customer’s feedback on a receipt that will most likely get thrown away. By creating this type of feedback method, you’re able to get two-for-one from your effort, money, and time it took to create the feedback.

Audrey has been a Freelance Writer for 8 years. She lives with her husband of 38 years in a small North Texas town. They have 3 grown children, 5 grandchildren. They find antique stores, flea markets, garage sales, and resale shops to be a necessity as they restore their 100-year-old house they live in.

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March 12

Tips On How to Improve Customer Experience in the Support Industry

23Customer experience refers to how a customer interacts with your company and its products and services. If you are in the support industry, just like any other industry you need to ensure that your customers to have a great experience. To help you out, here are some of the ways of ensuring that your customers have a great experience:

Offer stellar mobile support

We can all agree that of all the modern technology, mobile technology has received the highest uptake where it’s estimated that over 91% of all adults have mobile phones. Studies show that over 60% of people use their mobile phones to search for customer and product support. To ensure that people searching for support information get the service that they are looking for, make your website responsive to mobile phones.

Regularly update self-service resources

Self-service resources are resources that customers use by themselves to find what they are looking for. The most popular resources are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). To keep your customers happy regularly update the FAQs with fresh, correct information. In addition to this, regularly answer the questions that most of the customers are asking.

Offer live chat option

The live chat option is common with online retailers, but there is no harm with you using it in your industry. This option is that it makes it easy for people to reach you. The customers also get to chat with you or representative in real time. Studies show that almost 60% of people looking for information about a product or service prefer live chat to phone calling or sending emails.

To take advantage of the option and make your customers happy you should have the live chat feature on your phone and app (if you have one). As rule of thumb, ensure that there is always someone available to answer the questions asked.

In addition to the customers using the feature to communicate, you should also integrate it in such a way that the customers are also able to co-browse while chatting with you. This is to make it easy for you to direct them to the page or exact area where they can get the answers that they are looking for.

Offer excellent and professional social media support

When social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Snapchat and others) were created, most of them were aimed at bringing people together. Businesses and corporate companies use them to keep their customers on the know on the available products and services. They also use them to answer questions from their customers.

According to studies, most young people like asking questions on social media sites. To address this group, have a social media expert dedicated to answering questions asked by people via the sites. As rule of thumb maintain professionalism when answering the questions.

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March 12

Integrate a Feature-Rich CRM and Keep Your Processes Streamlined

sdThere was a time when physical presence was important to run and conduct a business. With neither the internet nor the cloud around to help, it was quite expensive for businesses to set up an infrastructure and start their day-to-day operations. Any possibility of running and managing a business from any part of the globe was not on the horizon which means, a heavy-duty investment was needed to get a business going in true sense. This was the time when the world was still a few years away from the boom yet new web technologies were making some buzz for sure.

All that changed in the early 90’s when the cloud became popular making it extremely easy for businesses to run and manage themselves without facing any limitations of either distance or geography. Since then, one after another Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools has entered the marketplace to simplify operations and benefit businesses. In a way, the industry has got a timely boost of the enterprise software to take a big stride forward. This is how it became extremely easy to automate and streamline processes and systems, and this is how the way of doing business was transformed forever. A lot has changed since then, a lot.

Now, we live at a time when a business does not have to bear those expensive setup costs and in fact, all maintenance costs too are gone now. Such is the benefit of using a CRM tool that employees can contribute from any device and be connected to the business from any part of the globe. All they need is just an internet connection. Businesses are now run on smartphones, tablets and laptops. From marketing to sales to customer servicing to forecasting, every aspect of the business can now be managed anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the innovation and advancements of the technology, a business can now manage all its customer interactions and store all information in a single place. A top CRM tool gives businesses the freedom of connecting to their customers in a new way and forge with them a lasting and fruitful relationship. From understanding customers’ needs better to serving them better, everything is just a tap away. From getting more leads to closing more deals, from projecting sales numbers to tracking marketing campaigns, a business can do all these even without having to invest beyond a bare minimum limit.

All this has become possible only because a top CRM tool is designed in a way to let businesses benefit from the combination of cloud, social and mobile and feel the difference of being in the new-age. In a way, managing and monitoring the business regardless of time and geography barriers has become easy and it has changed the industry forever. With so many radical changes to benefit from CRM tools, it’s important to know what is salesforce, and from where all this started. It’s also important to about the best cloud-based products and brands behind those path-breaking innovations.

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March 8

Automate and Streamline Your Business Processes With a Top CRM Tool

drNo business can grow and reach success without automating and streamlining their processes. This is where the need of a CRM tool is felt as it brings the features and functionalities of managing all information in a single place. The tool is designed in a way to let businesses leverage the best of cloud, mobile and social together and grow their base. In a way, it helps in streamlining of processes and systems within an organization by storing all data – related to customers and associates – in a centralized manner. In that, businesses get a 360 degree view of their customers and also get to know their tastes and preferences.

A feature-rich and cloud-based CRM tool serves many purposes along the way and impacts variety of processes and systems within an organization. It helps sales teams get more leads and close more deals; it lets marketing teams to manage campaigns in a successful manner and keep a track of lead generation. In addition, it positively impacts customer servicing by reducing the response time and by helping businesses solve complaints in quick time. The best thing about such tools is their being customer-oriented which gives businesses an opportunity to grow their base and realize their goals in a desired manner.

With so many benefits to achieve, it’s imperative to see why a growing number of businesses across industry verticals want a CRM system integrated to boost their overall productivity. They know the days are gone when important customer data could be collected and stored using EXCEL. In today’s time, businesses want a type of arrangement which gives them the privilege of running and influencing the operations on any device and from any part of the world. In a way, businesses want the freedom of tracking and managing customer information without facing any constraints on the front of geography, distance and time.

For a business, nothing beats the privilege of having a non-stop connectivity with their entire teams and this is where a quality CRM tool makes the difference. Similarly, there are a variety of repetitive tasks which need simplification so that the energy is centred around only on core areas or operations. There are also many clunky processes and manual effort not adding any value to the business and demanding instant ditching. Above all, businesses always look for a tool that helps them keep their customer conversations extremely personal, secure, relevant and up-to-date. After all without doing all this, the ROI and revenue won’t get a boost.

More so, there is a need felt to minimize over-dependence on software and hardware as it eats away a lot of valuable time and resources of the company. In a way, businesses today want to run and manage from anywhere and anytime without having to rely on a lot of other connectivity factors. Salesforce CRM Services include implementation, integration, development and customization and they help business streamline their processes in a desired manner. Using these services, any business can grow and accommodate their needs even without facing any problem on the front of customization.

Hi, I am Abhilash Tyagi and I love to write and read about latest technology trends. CloudSocius is one of the leading Top CRM Tool based in the UK. We offer a unique and hands-on approach for Salesforce training and supports. Our highly experienced developers and Salesforce experts help you grow your business with Salesforce.

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