April 19

Is a Customer Service Job Right for You

8If you have a strong desire to own or to work in a service centered company or industry, I’d like to be the first to tell you that I think you’re totally out of your mind. Why would any sane person want to deal with crying, whining, complaining customers all day, or for an entire career? On the other hand, if you have a strong desire to own or work in a service centered company or industry; I’d also like to be the first to tell you that it can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers of a lifetime. Why? If you have the required skills and the right personality, dealing with crying, whining, complaining customers all day can be quite gratifying.

As I’ve travelled around our country presenting my corporate training programs, I’ve been very lucky and privileged to meet some of the most talented and highest paid customer service reps in the industry. I have found them to be motivated, enthusiastic, personable, witty, and conscientious. They also have very high levels of productivity and most of the time they work with a smile and positive attitude.

After spending so much time with so many service reps I slowly became aware of 4 specific personality traits that they all had in common. I believe these traits are keys to their success. Let me share them with you:

First, they all have a genuine love of people. This is a master key! If you don’t love dealing with people do not apply for any job where you’re required to serve them. Truthfully, some employees are more productive if you lock them alone in a room in the back office without any type of human interaction. These folks should not be on the front line and should not deal with customers in any way, shape or form. Honestly ask yourself, “Do I love people and interpersonal interactions?” If your answer is an enthusiastic,”Yes,” then a customer service career could be a perfect fit for you.

Second, I’ve noticed they also place great value in serving others. They enjoy pleasing people, they enjoy seeing people happy, and they enjoy helping people solve problems. Inherent in the job title, “customer service” is the word, “service.” Therefore, if you place high value on serving others, then a client service business or customer service job could be a perfect fit for you.

Third, all successful customer service reps are also very good communicators. Now this doesn’t mean you need to memorize a dictionary or thesaurus and have a multi-million dollar vocabulary, although that is impressive. Actually, all of the reps I’ve worked with or trained simply knew their jobs and consistently projected an authentic aura of concern, friendliness and compassion. Their demeanor was positive and their body language was always congruent with what they were saying. Truthfully, these are all important ingredients required for impressive communication skills. If you can project your love of people and desire to serve “within” your communication style, then a customer service job could be a perfect fit for you.

Fourth and just as important as the previous three, if you want to be involved in a service centered industry you must have the gift of patience and plenty of it. Patience is a crucial skill when dealing with clients and customers. Patience helps you to communicate more effectively, listen better, think clearer, and resolve issues more successfully. Some of your clients will complain, some will speak very slowly, some very quickly, they may have a difficult dialect to understand, some will lie, and some will call all day, every day. Patience is truly a virtue because with it, you can rise above all of the so-called negative parts of the customer service job and really find great value in transforming your customers into raving fans and lifelong, loyal patrons.

So, as a review, here are the 4 questions for you:

1. Do you genuinely love people?

2. Do you place great value on serving others?

3. Are you a good communicator?

4. Do you have lots of patience?

If you can without hesitation enthusiastically answer, “Yes” to the above questions, then WELCOME to the customer service industry. You will enjoy a fulfilling career. You will enjoy a very nice salary. You will be a great asset to any company. More importantly, you will go to sleep every night knowing that you’ve made a difference in many customers’ lives.

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